The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) released a notice on February 14, 2023, reminding all entities operating in the gaming industry in Malta that conducting regulated business without a valid license is a breach of the law. The notice serves as a clear and strong reminder of the MGA’s commitment to enforcing compliance and upholding the integrity of the industry in Malta.

Over the past years, the MGA has invested heavily in data intelligence and other resources to monitor and regulate the gaming industry in Malta. The MGA has made significant efforts to enhance its capabilities in identifying and addressing non-compliance with regulatory requirements, including using data analytics to help detect suspicious activity and non-compliant behaviour.

Notices such as the one mentioned above can be indicative of an upcoming enforcement drive by the regulator.

The MGA has the authority to take a range of measures to enforce compliance, including imposing fines, suspending or revoking licenses, and pursuing legal action against non-compliant entities.  Furthermore, engaging in a licensable activity without holding the necessary authorisation or license to do can also lead to criminal charges and convictions.

Non-compliant entities are required to voluntarily report non-compliance with the licensing requirements by not later than 14 March 2023, with a view of reducing their regulatory exposure.

How can we help?

We can provide assistance by conducting an initial assessment to determine if, in terms of applicable law, the activities pursued require a license to operate in or within Malta. We can also offer advice on the potential consequences of non-compliance with licensing requirements, as well as provide guidance on the steps required to achieve and maintain compliance.

Additionally, we can assist with facilitating communication and engaging in discussions with the MGA or other regulatory bodies, as necessary.

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